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Maurizio Presidente! is a six piece band based in Berlin, Germany. Coming from France, Italy and Portugal, they play original music and have been performing across Europe for the last five years.

Their multicultural background shapes their sound into a mixture of chanson francaise, swing, balkan and afro-latin rhythms. The result is an exciting and sparkly music that is hard not to dance to. A tight and groovy rhythm section (drums, bass, accordion and ukulele) keeps your feet moving while the trumpet and saxophone, jumping from powerful themes to inspired improvisations, take the audience to an unpredictable journey through many musical traditions. Warm and colourful vocal lines and harmonies, sung both in French and Italian, approach the themes of love, fate and identity in a philosophical, yet playful way.

Three years after producing the EP Majella, the band released their first album Neuland on March 2017. Thanks to their supportive and loyal fan base, collected by years of touring and performing around Europe, this album was financed by a crowdfunding campaign which reached 113% of the monetary goal.

“If the heating doesn’t work at home, a great fix to survive the cold winter in Berlin is a concert of Maurizio Presidente!”

Berlino Cacio e Pepe Magazine

“The poetry of the lyrics, the warm rhythms and the acrobatic improvisation make any of their concert a one-of-a-kind experience, a panacea for the health that lossens the articulations and releases creativity.”

“Different backgrounds, different nationalities, different grooves, all forming a joyful musical community that is unique of its kind.”

Berlin Poche Magazine


Christophine Huet: Ukulele & Vocals
Davide Provenzano: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Gonçalo Mortágua: Tenor Saxophone
Pier-Paolo Bertoli: Accordion
Pierluigi Ciaccio: Drums
Sylvain Bouysset: Acoustic bass


Rudolstadt Festival (DE), Festa Do Avante (PT), Fusion Festival (DE), Trontano Festival (IT), Ferrara Buskers (IT), STRAMU (DE), Sisyphos (DE), Crossover Festival (HR), Titanic Sur Mer (PT), Mercantia Festival (IT), L'Abracadabar (FR), Karneval der Kulturen (DE), Kaffee Burger (DE), Bassy Club (DE), Badehaus Szimpla (DE), Kater Holzig (DE), Ritter Butzke (DE), Rummelsbuch (DE)...